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THE BREAD OF LIFE is a DEVOTIONAL DAILY BIBLE READING PLAN which we publish every year. Every year has a motto. Here you can download it for your daily encounter with God's word.

 2018 The Year of LIGHT    Download2018 Das Jahr des LICHTES Download

2018 L'Année de LUMIÉRE

 2017 The Year of Freedom, Bread of life,  

2017 Das Jahr der Freiheit, Brot des Lebens, 

web 2017 eng.pdf


web deutsch 2017.pdf



2016 The year of Love, Bread of life download


2016 Das Jahr der Liebe, Brot des Lebens download


2015 The Year of Mercy, "Bread of Life" 2015  Download

2015 L'année de la miséricorde, "Pain de Vie" Download


2015 Das Jahr der Barmherzigkeit, "Brot des Lebens" Download


2014 - THE YEAR OF DIVINE COMFORT breadoflife 2014.pdf Download 

DAS JAHR DES GÖTTLICHEN TROSTES  brotdeslebens 2014.pdf   Download

L'ANNÉE DE LA CONSOLATION DIVINE   l'année de la consolation divine 2014.pdf Download


2013 - THE YEAR OF JOY! book2013.odt Download, German version: buch2013.odt Download

 2012 YOUR Year of PEACE!! book 2012.pdf Download German version: buch 2012.pdf Download

2011 Your Year of PRAISE! breadoflife 2011.pdf Download German version: brotdeslebens 2011.pdf Download

2010 Your year of Hope 

2009 Your year of Glory (Colossians 1: 27)

Here you can read the Daily Bible Reading Guide for 2009, print it or download it. German version: 2009herrlichkeit.pdf Download










web 2017 eng.pdf





web 2017 eng.pdf



web 2017 eng.pdf





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