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History of United Pentecostal Church Mission "Shalom Chapel" e.V.

The vision was given to Pastor Joachim K. Bekou in the year 1987 and started as a House Fellowship, Prayer Meeting and Bible Study in Lomé, Togo/ West Africa (Acts 20: 17-21, Romans 16: 3-5 home church). The Holy Spirit gave us another vision to have a store house (church) for the harvest with a new vision of the three important services: Bible Study, Prayer Meeting "Faith clinic", and Sunday Service (Sunday Worship). The mission task is to penetrate as soul winners every nation, every society, every social level with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, from the head of states to the man on the street.

Earlier Pastor Joachim had understood that the building is not Pentecostal but that the Spirit of God operating in His people- the Body of Christ- is important. This church was founded on the basis of the fivefold ministry with apostolic Biblical teaching as mentioned in Acts 2, Acts 18: 25- 27, as a junction for all born again and converts to Christ. They need to attend regularly a Bible believing church. In the year 2000 the church spread to Europe (Germany).


Pastor Joachim K. Bekou was born in Lomé- Togo /West Africa. He was trained as an accountant and teacher. He worked in these professions in College "La Confiance" in Lomé, Togo and "Nickdel College Ibadan" Oyo State, Nigeria and additionally as an assurance consultant for Nigeria- French- Insurance. He is also the founder and director of the Nursery and Primary school EPPL (Ecole Primaire Privee Le Salut "Salvation nursery and primary school"), a recognized licensed school by the Togolese Ministry of Education and Research.

Pastor Joachim attended the greatest Bible College in West Africa CLIBICO (Christian Light Bible College). He is a D.Th. (Diploma in Theology) and was awarded by the Bible College as the Best Student of his batch. He was trained and ordained as Pastor- Evangelist in the field of the five-fold ministry with the anointing and the grace of God that has been on his life. He is also the author of the "Daily Bible Reading guide".

He laboured especially in the field of Intercessory Prayer, Deliverance, Bible teaching, Evangelism (Gospel Crusades), Teaching in Christian Conferences, and Soul Counselling. God has used him greatly during his programs such as Radio Teaching and during his tours in Africa and Europe.

Many souls were won to Christ, many baptized in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 2: 38, 8:16, 10:48, 19:5) and many received the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues (Acts 2:4, 10:46, 19:6, 1.Cor.12:13, Joel 2:28). The barren conceived, sick were healed, manhood was restored to the impotent, many gave up their juju (voodoo).

Pastor Joachim is currently the General Overseer of the "United Pentecostal Church Mission (UPCM) Worldwide" and "POWER OF FREEDOM OUTREACH PROGRAM". He is also the Vice president of APPA (African Pentecostal Pastors' Association) in Berlin, Germany.

Furthermore he is a member of the Black Community Germany. He worked as a migrant counsellor in BBAG (NGO) in Potsdam, Germany and was a member of the Foreigners'  Council of the Potsdam Parliament.

He is married to Pastor Mrs. Juliane Bekou. They enjoy a happy marriage with many children (biological and spiritual)

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